How To Get More Photography Bookings

So you’ve researched all the marketing strategies…

You’ve spent so many hours researching the latest trends in the photography industry when it comes to marketing your business! You’re following all of the algorithm must do’s, you’re doing the do & FINALLY you have an enquiry!


You’ve sent them your info, loaded them up with why they should hire you but now…


Oh Lordy how I was there… I remember pouring myself into the latest algorithms only for it to all change and then finally land an enquiry! Which i’d do a dance (you’d never want to see, trust me)!

During those years I learned some really valuable lessons and I’m sharing that in this post! It starts with what I’m sharing with you today!

Messaging is absolute KEY… It is the way you communicate who you are, what you’re about & why your dream client should care! 

Jodie Louise –

1. Who you are 

2. What you’re about 

3. Who you serve

4. Why should they care?

These 4 things are so so so necessary to communicate your value to your dream photography client, because we are not about burn out here nor are we about attracting clients that don’t value what we offer! heck to the know GF!

SO a little on messaging that converts… 

Step 1.

Before you even dare post on social media with the latest trend girlfriend, you better know who the heck you’re talking to, because how you communicate with a mum who’s just given birth tired out of her head and living on the smell of her baby is very very different to how you would communicate with the bride who’s living on adrenaline about to be married to the love of her life sipping champaign… 

SO you better know EXACTLY who you are talking to because let me share with you my mistakes this is how I missed out on converting so many damn enquiries into bookings Without this your content becomes so watered down it’s a cordial drink your toddler would even want! #AKAWATER

Once I nailed this formula down bookings became so so easy!

So now you are clear with who you are communicating to, (or you’re doing your homework with that) it’s time to discuss how messaging tweaks can change so much for you in your value and how you communicate your services! 

Do you value you, boo?

Words matter! It starts with you!

Step 2.

So how do you communicate your worth? It really comes down to your own beliefs and how you communicate that to your audience! So be sure to do an internal check so you are in sync and in alignment with what you’re actually selling! Do YOU believe in it?

Step 3. Let’s talk about words that can change how clients perceive what you have to offer!

Words like…

This amazing collection is Valued at $

instead of

This package would usually cost you $

Seems like it’s the same same… But babe, it’s so much more! With these little tweaks you are attracting client who appreciated and values just that YOUR VALUE…

Can you see how the first adds value and makes me feel like I’m getting all this for an amazing opportunity and If I liked everything I would be likely to purchase/invest in more?  The second makes me feel like I would usually be handing that money over and doesn’t give me the same feeling of value? Rather from a lacking place! Like you don’t value what you have to offer your client because it’s a COST to them! Rather than an EXCHANGE! service for currency! AKA you’re in business GF!

Pro Tip:

When putting an offer out there be sure to add the dollar amount of what the offer is worth so it adds value to what you are putting out there aka what they are receiving.

THE MODEL CALL: classic example of messaging that wow’s or does it?….

So many clients have come to me sharing how they have tried “the model call”, they have tried to up-sell some products or extra digitals yet nothing. When I looked deep into their offer & their messaging it was as clear as mud…

Confusing, felt like they were putting out their offer from a place of desperation. Also, not what we are about here! Let’s help change this for you babe!

Please know I’m all for this model of doing business with a specific and clear strategy behind it ALWAYS a purpose and a transformation for both you & your client but it needs to be done from a place of value…

So let’s look at some messaging that could make or break your sales!

ALWAYS be sure to educate and set that expectation before you even book them!

Option 1.

Model Call – need someone this Tuesday you will receive all digitals for your time. (so why would I buy from you) like really think about it! 

Option 2.

Model Call – Looking for a newborn under 14 days old to update our website… Must be willing to sign a model release so we can use the images taken for advertising!

For your valuable time, you will receive a professional newborn photo shoot + 2 matted prints. Then add the “valued at” amount which would be (the session fee + the 2 matted prints) ie: this collection is valued at $420 for example.

This will set your special offer /model calls with clear and specific guidelines that run with your business model so there will be no confusion as to what the client will receive or can expect – this will stop questions like –

“oh I thought we would be receiving all of the photos on a USB stick” *Awkward! (been there)

(hallelujah for that)

In conclusion – evaluate all of your communication how are you talking about your services?

Do you believe that what you are offering is worth it?

Do you feel so aligned with your purpose?

Babe, if this is a yes & A HECK YES then communicating this will become so damn easy and bookings will be a HECK YES for your dream clients!

This is exactly how I help my clients, we go deep into your messaging, your processes your marketing on & off line we connect you with your purpose, build you a roadmap to hit your goals.

Much Love,

Jodie Louise

P.s Basically babe, if you want more clients & for your enquiries to turn into bookings there is a few tweaks you can change to get bookings easily & I’m here to help you do just that!

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