Build a freedom based photography biz Babe.

We are all about creating confidence, mpact & income here!

Build a freedom based photography biz Babe.

We are all about creating confidence, mpact & income here!

Jodie Louise

Photography Business Coach Helping Female photographers create the business they deserve!

How would it feel to get more clients that adore you on repeat?...

That is exactly what has had my bank notifications say ka-ching on repeat!

Sexy if you ask me!

what our clients say

I am so glad that I didn't waste any more time! Thanks to you Jodie, I went from hardly any bookings & little to no engagement to consistent booking conversions within 3 months!
Before hiring you as my coach I felt lost and quite upset because I had no idea of what I needed to do to move forward in my business. I had hardly any enquiries and not a lot of engagement! Once I saw your story and helpful content, I had to invest in you to coach me personally. For me, starting the business of my dreams was a huge financial strain in the beginning but once I invested the only funds I had into your services, everything changed! It has been the best decision & investment I've made!
You put everything into perspective and taught me how to be confident in my business and myself. You were also extremely caring, supportive and understanding of how I felt which helped me feel at ease and comfortable with you. I needed help setting realistic goals to enable me to move forward and succeed in my business.
You also started your very successful photography business a second time from the ground up after moving interstate so had experienced these processes before so to me, there's no better person to learn from. My husband is in the army so I needed skills to build my business quickly in new areas so this is a necessary skill which you know and have done with your own business!
I soon learnt that the information you shared with me was WAY more valuable than the content you find online and I am glad that I didn't waste any more of my time.
We nutted out some important skills together like staying in my own lane, setting realistic goals and planning ahead so that the business can continually grow. I'm so thankful that I have your ongoing support in my journey 🙂
If I were to give any advice to other photographers that want to take their business to the next level I'd say to stop wasting time and let Jodie help you smash those goals! She knows this industry better than anyone I know, she's truly amazing! I can't recommend her enough.
Thank you so much Jodie! 🙂
Jodi Chapman x

I Know babe that you are sick and tired of showing up everywhere with no results… You feel like you're giving your work away for FREE (because let's be honest you probably are).

You also know nothing changes if nothing changes so I’m here to share the things that moved the needle for me and all my beautiful clients…

Mmmm hmmmmmm! I’ll let you in on a little secret it mostly has absolutely nothing to do with latest trends or algorithms…

So if you want change babe, more bookings, freedom & income then I’ve got you