6 months of 1:1 support...You're seriously hustling girl but you still need more clients and more profit in your business!

Introducing - Roadmap To Profits (A Intensive) for the photographer who wants to up-level their business so you can stop surviving and start thriving??


You lovely are a real artist, it's time to shine like a sparkling diamond!!


You're stuck in overwhelm and you just want some freaking results already...

You've been hustling like a crazy person and now it's just completely overwhelming! You've been researching at night staying up all hours to get ahead and now sadly Google is your best friend!

There is just so much information out there in the Google world you're now on information overload and you're not sure which information to implement first so you're doing a bit of this and a bit of that to get your desired results fast! But the reality is you're getting nowhere with no results at all and now you're wondering can you even do this...

I'm here to tell you that you ABSOLUTELY CAN!!!


The ROADMAP TO PROFIT is 1:1 intensive support for 6 months is for you if...

    • you are struggling to attract the clients that value what you are offering.
    • You are a true artist but when it comes to your business hat you just want to cringe! Oh how I’ve been there…
    • You girl are really putting in the hard yards but your booking conversions are not reflecting the hustle.
    • You’re ready to put content out there like a pro which will bring new clients to you like an ultra attracting magnet of gold! This will ultimately create long lasting relationships with prospective customers who will value you and your services/products who shout your praises to the world and come back to you year after year!
    • You want someone (me) in your back pocket to ask and have someone on your side cheering you on to the next level!

    I can see all the hard work you’re putting in for no return and that all stops NOW!

    • You lovely are ready to put yourself out there you are open and willing to introduce new strategies and be the go-to pro in your town.
    • You are ready to knock socks off with amazing service and be proud to charge what you are worth for the amazing artwork you are creating for your client’s homes!

    (Gosh did you know real artists just like you charge beyond $50k for some pieces of art, you know the art that looks like a squiggle and people pay it because they value it) 


    That’s where I step in as a short cut to help you get there and quickly!


    I’m Jodie Greck, and I help Photographers to create a unique roadmap and build a profitable business.

    I’ve been a portrait and wedding photographer for the last decade so I understand the hustle believe me and feeling overwhelmed stressed and stuck! I then had to relocate to a new area and rebuild my business.

    I did so from scratch to 6 figures within 18 months (CRAZY) which I then went on and sold… How was I able to do this so quickly? Visibility girlfriend, I was on page 1 ranking 1 on multiple searches on Google!

    I was getting enquiries before I even moved to the new area, how insane is that?? Oh my gosh it’s still blows my mind today!

    To think about that how on earth was I going to crack into a new market with established photographers already?? But I did it! I went on and I sold the business to follow my other love which is helping photographers out of the overwhelming trenches, why? Because I have been there and it’s the most suffocating feeling in the world. There was so many times I just wanted to give up, but I didn’t I kept digging and I dug myself out of that black hole!

    I’ve definitely figured out some amazing gold sparkly gems along the way which I am so thrilled to share with photographers just like you to help you to get there, I know it’s possible because I’ve totally done it and I’ve helped others out of the trenches and well on their way to reaching their goals and financial & time freedom!

    There are so many amazingly talented photographers out there that rock socks with their talent but absolutely suck when it comes to business and running a profitable business – (GOSH, BEEN THERE).

    I help photographers >>>>

    • Build Authentic Relationships...

      Online & offline through effective marketing strategies by learning specifically how to attract clients that value what you have to offer and repel the clients that don’t value it!

    • Communicate Effectively...

      Learn how to speak effective & advanced languaging that adds and creates value for your brand instead of confusion and learn to dismiss words that encourage the dreaded devalue!

    • Marketing...

      Marketing effectively even in a saturated market, no “salesy” marketing talks here… Just simple authentic marketing practices that are proven to build a 6 figure business and simply (how do I know? Because I did it! By speaking my ideal client’s language and what they were looking for and desired. I will help you to as well! – strip it down baby!

    • Individuality...

      Learning how to STANDOUT with your service and products is key to attracting your ideal clients. Stand Up and attract clients to you with your new found expert status. Yes It’s a total thing and I am going to show you how to do that! We will create a unique roadmap together that walks you through the step by step process that will help you to step into the go to Photographer within your area and your zone of genius, allowing you to attract clients that are loyal to YOU and YOUR brand.  Stand Up and attract clients to you with your new found expert status. Yes It’s a total thing and I am going to show you how to do that!

    • Systems...

      Implement policies, systems & techniques into your everyday business that builds relationships & trust – stop the majority of price shoppers that only want you for a cheap dollar value – Honey you are running a business, so it’s time to run a business and be proud of it!

    • PLUS...

      Much more, we will create your own customised roadmap for where you are in your business!



    Had a wonderful chat today with Jodie, who has inspired me heaps to move forward within my photography business. Jodie was easy to talk to and made me feel very comfortable and more worthy of myself. She has a great deal of knowledge and is sharing this knowledge to help others and this is greatly appreciated. Thankyou Jodie......your an inspiration and gave me that kick up the rear that l needed.....Thanks again....xx

    Sandra Argent Shanahan



    (because there is only one of me and i'm tailoring this support just for you baby)

    • *

      Option To Pay $130 USD per week x26 payments to make support affordable for you ladyboss OR save $380 when you invest in yourself outright!

    • 1.

      The Video Call...

      A total of 13 intensive strategy planning video calls:
      1x initial 90-minute intensive video strategy call and get focused and specific to map out your personal go to plan to get clear on goals in all areas of creating and running a profitable photography business.
      The we will have bi-weekly calls up to 60 minute video calls to keep you on track/accountability. The weeks we don't have a video call you have time to implement your actions steps so it doesn't become overwhelming and you can see real forward motion in your business!

    • 2.

      Your Unique Roadmap In Our Private 1:1 Facebook Group...

      A Private Facebook group or private client portal unique detailed roadmap delivered to you which will include what we focused on in each of our intensive/s with a specific step by step action plan for you to start implementing straight away. Any video recording trainings I record that will help your processes and Doc's to keep you super focused and everything is kept in the one place to go back to which I can help you learn how to edit any copy etc as needed..

    • 3

      Private email support between our video intensives...

      Private access of email support between our bi-weekly strategy sessions to keep you on track and implementing your unique roadmap that will hold you accountable and get you closer to your goals!

    Plus a BONUS branding audit (Valued at $199)

    To celebrate the launch of Roadmap To Profits when you book your intensive in the next 7 days not only will you lock in the early bird investment, you will also receive a BONUS 20 min Skype branding audit with Kimberly from Evoke Design Studios so you can stand out from the crowd and have clients waiting to book with you!

    Kimberly has been in the graphic design industry for over 20 years and has personally helped me in my success with standing out in business over the last decade! After working with Kimberly you can rest assured knowing your online presence and all elements of branding, marketing materials etc will all be on point!

    Say Yes To Thriving & Forget Just Surviving...

    I only have limited spots available in my 1:1 so I can give my entire support to you!

    Just think the average group workshop is anywhere between 1-4k for a day or 3 - not you lady-boss you're getting 6 months 1:1 support OMG

    Have you ever left a workshop with no follow up support only those rushed notes and then thinking what did that even mean!!! Yep been there, I worked out how many courses Iv'e done in my time and let me tell you it was a bucket load but the only courses I got REAL TANGIBLE results from was the courses that had 1:1 support and accountability baby! That's why I've designed this intensive to get you REAL results and if you are willing to do the work the results will happen quickly!


    All moneys are billed in U.S dollar.


    I've made it a no-brainer for you to say yes, to investing in YOU and your brand! You are WORTH it!!!

    Having 1:1 support in your pocket for six months is going to literally change your business in ways you can only imagine now! Be quick before your limited 1:1 spot vanishes into the night....

    6 month 1:1 intensive support $3,000 paid in full or $3,380 broken into weekly payments of $130 over 26 weeks

    Valued At Over $10,000 USD


    Jodi Chapman

    I am so glad that I didn’t waste any more time! Thanks to you Jodie, I went from hardly any bookings & little to no engagement to consistent booking conversions within 3 months!

    Before hiring you as my coach I felt lost and quite upset because I had no idea of what I needed to do to move forward in my business. I had hardly any enquiries and not a lot of engagement! Once I saw your story and helpful content, I had to invest in you to coach me personally. For me, starting the business of my dreams was a huge financial strain in the beginning but once I invested the only funds I had into your services, everything changed! It has been the best decision & investment I’ve made!

    You put everything into perspective and taught me how to be confident in my business and myself. You were also extremely caring, supportive and understanding of how I felt which helped me feel at ease and comfortable with you. I needed help setting realistic goals to enable me to move forward and succeed in my business.

    You also started your very successful photography business a second time from the ground up after moving interstate so had experienced these processes before so to me, there’s no better person to learn from. My husband is in the army so I needed skills to build my business quickly in new areas so this is a necessary skill which you know and have done with your own business!

    I soon learnt that the information you shared with me was WAY more valuable than the content you find online and I am glad that I didn’t waste any more of my time.

    We nutted out some important skills together like staying in my own lane, setting realistic goals and planning ahead so that the business can continually grow. I’m so thankful that I have your ongoing support in my journey

    If I were to give any advice to other photographers that want to take their business to the next level I’d say to stop wasting time and let Jodie help you smash those goals! She knows this industry better than anyone I know, she’s truly amazing! I can’t recommend her enough.

    Thank you so much Jodie!

    Jodi Chapman JC Imagery