Book It Babe

A step by step strategy system for photographers so you can market yourself without being salesy, communicate your value & book more clients the easy way..

Have you ever felt like you are marketing your tail off and the clients just don't book with you and you don't know what the heck you're doing wrong?

I know converting the clients and actually getting paid what you know you are worth is really hard for you right now!


You're feeling stuck you don't know how to market your business and you just want some freaking bookings already...

  • You've been hustling like a crazy person and now it's all just completely overwhelming!
  • You've been researching how to market your photography business and gain new clients staying up all hours of the night to get ahead and now sadly Google is your best friend!
  • Still you can't find the answers on how to market your business without feeling undervalued and giving everything away for FREE...
  • Your confidence level has hit an all new low and you're struggling to communicate the value of what you have to offer and be visible!
  • You struggle to get across everything and you are completely snowed under so marketing has been put on the back burner.

There is just so much information out there in the Google world you're now on information overload and you're not sure which information to implement first so you're doing a bit of this and a bit of that to get your desired results fast!

The reality is - you're getting no results at all and now you're wondering can you even do this after all you have already discounted your special offer and still crickets... I know how you're feeling because I've been here too!

You are so so ready to take your business next level & get those results you deserve.


It’s time to share your talents with the world

Increase your visibility boost your enquiries so you can finally have the profitable business you deserve!

You're feeling stressed that you don’t have enough bookings in your calendar this month you look at your numbers and you are only just scraping by. You're re-sharing your special offer on social media but hearing crickets and it just seems that all of the marketing efforts you have worked your butt off for are falling on deaf ears.

Hey girl, I'm here to tell you that you ABSOLUTELY CAN do this, I get it I've been where you are!!!

Introducing Book It Babe

Here Is What You Get In The Program...

Stop #1  On The Roadmap - Gain That Confidence Babe

It all starts with you... In the program I will cover in this section:

*  Strategies that will set up the essential skills of confidence that are absolutely essential to have within yourself and your business to up-level your business in 2018!

*  The importance of strategies to get your head in the game, your business is relying on you to go ALL IN - it's time to STOP playing small girlfriend...

*  This is a marathon and not a sprint Lady, so let's get you in the right mindset to manifest success into your life - yes it's an actual thing!

Stop #2  On The Roadmap - Marketing Foundations The Non-Negotiables

This week you will be creating your roadmap so you know where the heck you're even going!

*  Learn why it's essential to know WHO you are marketing to and why it's so important for your profitability! You will be getting crystal clear on your who this week!

*  The "Roadmaps" you will be creating this week are essential so you can plan what marketing is needed and what action is required so you can reach the life and goals you deserve and desire!

*  You will also learn the art of what it takes to become the go-to photographer & how essential this is for your profitability!

Stop #3  On The Roadmap - Words That Bank

In this section of the Roadmap learn how to use messaging in your marketing to create value to your offers so your clients are prepared to spend the money with you!

*  This strategy is so vital to your profitability and we will go through what has worked and what hasn't in my own journey - The language you use for your offers babe is everything - Language will convert or kill your offers.. (So it's kind of a BIGGIE for your profitability)!

*  Learn the art of valuing you and how to communicate this across to your clients so they are excited to pay you for your worth!

Stop #4  On The Roadmap - Stop That Overwhelm Babe

In this section of the program you will learn the skills that saved my own sanity time after time!

*  Babe, you don't have to be a slave to your business like you may think (in fact if you feel like you are a slave to your business things have to change NOW)  and this week we will free up some of that precious time so you can book more clients and actually do what you love the most...

*  After all, that's why you became a photographer! ~ Time to automate & become intentional baby!!!

Stop #5  On The Roadmap - Book It Babe

In this section of the program you will learn the essential skills that can triple your booking conversions babe!

*  This week alone will be a magnet for your profitability.

*  You will also learn about the booking process what to include and what to hold for later!

*  A little like a first date, if you ask him to marry you on that very first date most likely he'll do a runner! Don't do that girlfriend!!!!

Time to be stretegic and intentional and convert those bookings babe, because you're worth it!


Take Action Before This EARLY BIRD Offer Expires

Book It Babe, The 5 - week group program will begin on the 8th of March 2018

The information in "Book It Babe" is a return on investment over and over. I implemented just one of the strategies immediately before going through the whole program and to my amazement my booking conversions on my wedding went up instantly - This info paid for itself immediately with the first booking with the deposit alone and better yet my clients fell in love with me instantly from these juicy strategies and I have been in the industry over 20 years - Thank-You Jodie!

Sonya Chindamo - Laugh Out Loud Photography

Here's Just Some Of the Results You Can Achieve With This Program:

With this program you can expect to see amazing results like; more bookings consistently, more money coming into your business and life, confidence in yourself and what you offer. A solid marketing and visibility plan. Happy clients that want to book you again and again and start throwing amazing testimonials at your feet before you even ask for one! Amazing content & bonuses that will have you rocking your business with a solid plan for 2018!

Book It Babe - is for you if...

  • You are struggling to attract the clients that value what you are offering to know you are worth every penny.
  • You are a true artist but when it comes to your business that you just want to cringe and you want to know what actually works! Oh, how I’ve been there…
  • You girl are really putting in the hard yards but your booking conversions are not reflecting the hustle.
  • You’re ready to put a strategy together like a pro which will bring new clients to you like an ultra attracting magnet of gold! This will ultimately create long-lasting relationships with prospective customers who will value you and your services/products who shout your praises to the world and come back to you year after year!
  • You're ready to gain a whole new confidence in yourself and share with others why your work is freaking worth it!

The next step towards building a successful profitable photography business is to build that confidence girl it all starts with you...

Hi Lady, I'm Jodie The Lady Behind Roadmap It Babe...

As a business coach for photographers, I can't wait to show you how to authentically connect with your people, help you to be seen, explode those enquiries which will make you that profitable business you deserve!

I went from having a new non-existent business after moving to a new area to having a profitable 6 figure business within 18 months with limited time! (3 kids you get it). Now I'm so blessed to help struggling photographers just like you find roadmaps share systems to help you get to where you need to go!

Join me in Book-It Babe and I will show you how you too can connect and get in front of your peeps! If you are willing to put the work in then the results will follow you around just like your shadow does! I can promise you that!!! You're sooo freaking worth it babe, it's time to stop just surviving!

What if you knew how to:

 get in front of prospective clients, speak their language and convert them into bookings and paid clients, what would this do for your business right now?

Imagine if you could have a systematic marketing strategy in place that brought new enquiries into your business regularly

would that take off the financial stress you are feeling right now?


  • How easy would it be to attract clients on a weekly basis if you knew the strategies & systems behind the human psyche and how this is very important when it comes to marketing strategies in your business - which will put you ahead in the marketing game.
  • How would it feel if you could have the money to invest in whatever you needed to gain new skills in your business to up-level your business even further without the worry if you could actually afford to and realize you could buy all the props in the world if you just had that set of skills.
  • Imagine being able to take a holiday or travel overseas for the first time because you have learned the skills necessary on an easy to follow step by step system so you know how to book out your calendar and bring more money into your business.
  • That new car that you have had your eyes on for the last few years that's now not just a dream for you it could be your reality if you had a system to attract clients to you.
  • How would it feel to double or triple your income in just a few months by knowing what strategies work to attract clients that value what you have to offer what would that mean for you and your family?


 Because all this can be a reality for you like it has been for my clients who have followed this step by step system and essential marketing strategies!

It's time to invest in you!

Take Action Before This EARLY BIRD Offer Expires

The 5 Week group program officially begins on the 8th of March

Oh No Not For You Lady!!!


Have you ever left a workshop with no follow-up support after the day or two only those rushed notes and then you walk away thinking what did that even mean?? Yep been there, I worked out how many courses I've done in my time and let me tell you it's been a bucket load but the only courses I got REAL TANGIBLE results from were the courses that had 1:1 support and accountability baby!

That's why I've designed this program to get you REAL results and if you are willing to do the work the results will happen quickly!


Task  Management:

So you can finally stop the overwhelm. Learn how to create and automate a visibility plan so you don't have to be a slave to your business 24/7.

Learn  The  Art  Of  Communication:

Learn the key essential skill of communication so there is no reason for any of those awkward or even worse silent conversations, so clients come to you prepared & ready to invest in what you have to offer.

Gain The Confidence You Need:

So you can be confident in what you offer and your freaking amazing abilities, understand how truly blessed you are to be doing what you are doing. Have the confidence needed to promote yourself, so clients can see the value in what you have to offer and start begging for that booking form!

You Need A Visibility Plan Beautiful:

So more clients find out about your talented self & have the opportunity to book with you my love - if they can not find you how can they book with you? It's your time to shine!

Marketing That Sells:

Learn how to attract the RIGHT clients that are willing to pay for what you offer so you can avoid those weird, why do you charge so much conversations...

Social Media Hacks:

Social Proof Babe - So you can be sure you are getting the most exposure organically to attract the clients that love you and what you have to offer!

Streamline The Booking Process:

Learn how to streamline the enquiry process for optimal conversions, so you don't confuse the client in the process which is such a common problem in the industry & normally sees them running to the next photographer because they are so damn confused!

I went from hardly any bookings & little to no engagement to consistent booking conversions within 3 months, Jodie put everything into perspective and taught me how to be confident in my business and myself. I needed help setting realistic goals to enable me to move forward and succeed in my business and this program gave me exactly what I needed.

Jodi Chapman -  JC Imagery 



I've made it a no-brainer for you to say yes, to investing in YOU and your brand! You are WORTH it!!!

BONUS VIDEO #1 - 21  Breaking Down Marketing For A Six Figure Business- Valued at $295

Learn 21 ways that helped me build a multi 6 figure photography business within 18 months - I'm not holding back babe!

PLUS - some other golden nuggets that most photographers don't even think about!

BONUS #2 - A Real Client Interview - Invaluable

You will have access to a never seen before interview from a real client.. This beautiful client has agreed to share the why behind - why she booked and the why behind her spending!

FAST  ACTION  BONUS - complimentary branding audit (Valued at $199)


To celebrate the launch of Book It Babe when you choose to invest in you & your business during the  early bird investment phase, you will also receive a BONUS 20 min Skype branding audit with Kimberly from Evoke Design Studios so you can stand out from the crowd and have clients waiting to book with you!

Kimberly has been in the graphic design industry for over 20 years and has personally helped me in my success with standing out in business over the last decade! After working with Kimberly you can rest assured knowing your online presence and all elements of branding, marketing materials etc will all be on point!



Take Action Before This Offer Expires

The 5-Week group program officially begins on the 8th of March


  • q-iconCan I Keep The Info After The Program Is Finished?

    Heck yes, how does forever sound to you? You get to download and keep it all forever! I get it there is nothing worse than going to a workshop paying $1500 or more and walking away with nothing but what you can remember! I’ve got you covered!

  • q-iconWhat Results Can I Expect From The Program?

    If you are committed to up-leveling your photography business, you put in the work, then you will have epic results!

    When you implement the foundations level then everything else is a flow on effect!

    My 1:1 clients, have had results from no reach to gaining triple their bookings within 3 months – booking conversion rates from 50-90% with just a few tweaks immediately, being found in multiple searches in Google on Page 1. Ultimately they become a total badass boss because they back themselves apply the essential foundation strategies &  everything you learn will transfer to all other areas of your business including doubling and tripling their income – WIN-WIN!!!

    Can I give you a guarantee of your results? No. It absolutely depends on the work you put in the time you allow yourself to follow through. The roadmap is here in this course, you just have to apply it babe!

  • q-iconWhen Will The Program Start?

    You will be given immediate access to join the support community for Book-It Babe students where you can ask questions get support etc

    The program will officially begin on the 8th of March 2018 with the orientation call as it is a LIVE program the weekly content will come out each week followed by A LIVE group call where I will support you through the content of that week along with your Book It Babe’s in the community! This support is like nothing you will ever come across in a self-study course where most of the time it never get’s completed! This is all about getting results accountability and smashing your goals! It’s coaching at a fraction of the 1:1 price! BOOM!